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Beard Oil handcrafted in Stillwater, MN
Established 2018

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What our Customers are saying

"Nice personal touches, can tell it's "handcrafted" stuff, interesting packaging, and product smells great (each "flavor") and works well to tame the most unruly hairs (those would be the whitest ones ;-) ). I used to like the unkempt, wild look, but my wife prefers things more civilized and since I retired and she's not yet, I'm grooming myself a bit better to keep things smooth on the home front and actually liking it. Good product, ordered some "full sizers" after sampling these."  - Mark Hay (5 Stars)

About Us

What is the Woodland Dudeist Beard Oil Company


Like the monks of old and their casks of mead, these men's grooming oils are blended from the finest of ingredients by the Woodland Dudeist, an Ordained Priest in the Church of the Later Day Dude. The oils are sanctified with all the what-nots and what-have-yous that goes along with practicing an ethos. The products used are all natural and contain no artificial ingredients. The base has been formulated with beard care in mind. You know, Some men are uncomfortable with the very mention of the word ... beard ... Give these beard oils a try, they will really tie your beard together. 

Environmental commitment


We are also committed to the environment and plan on offering a refill option for our regular dudes.  Until we get it up and running, we ask that you keep your packaging so you can eventually send us back your bottle. At that time we'll inspect it, disinfect it and refill it with the same oil that the bottle came with originally (sorry, but any change in oil must be proceeded by an original purchase of that oil). If we find any damage to the bottle, we have an option for items to be replaced for a minimal cost. Of course, for doing this, you will receive a nice discount man.

It's serious business


Don't let the light-hearted nature of our company fool you.   We are committed producing high quality products.   Our bases are made up of top quality oils like Jojoba and Argan.   We use 100% essential oils to develop scents.  No artificial products, silicon or fragrance oils are used.  Other companies sell comparable products for $35 and up.   We maintain a low overhead and pass that savings on to our customers.    Many of our ingredients are purchased from local co-ops putting money back into our community.

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